2020 Vistamed Junior B Championship

At its meeting on Monday night CCC Liatroma completed the draws for the Vistamed Junior B Football Championship which will comprise nine teams this year. The competition will be made up of three round-robin groups in accordance with regulation.

Vistamed Junior B Football Championship 2020

5 relegated teams from Junior A 2019 (inclusive of Allen Gaels, who didn’t participate in 2019) plus Junior B Championship Finalists and semi-finalists 2019. In the event of there being 9 teams these to be grouped in three groups of 3. Top teams in each group plus the best runner up in accordance with Rule 6.21 TO 2020 shall play semi-finals, avoiding teams from the same group playing at this stage. Bottom teams of each respective group play relegation series including a semi-final and final, drawn by lot.


Vistamed Junior B Championship fixtures 2020