Important Information Re: Connacht Gold SFC Round 1 Matches 18 July 2020

All matches in the Connacht Gold Leitrim SFC this weekend will be all-ticket events. This is to ensure that every effort is made to ensure that no more than a maximum of 200 people, in accordance with the government guidelines may gain access to the respective venues. This figure includes players and officials.
With regard to the above, clubs will be in receipt by hand delivery later today of the following allocation:
  • 40 Complimentary tickets to provide access for players, management personnel, officials.
  • 60 Match tickets at €10 each for general sale.
It is a matter for each club to decide how best to allocate/sale of their allocation of tickets. In the case of the away club, particularly with regard to the fact that the host club is permitted to profit of the respective takings on the day, the club will be responsible for the return of any unsold tickets to that host club in advance of the match taking place.
Tickets for these matches will cost €10 each and there will be no entry to the grounds permitted without a ticket, irrespective of the age of attendee. The normal concession towards Students/OAPS and the practice of Under 16s gaining free access to venues has been removed.