LeitrimWall – Christmas Gift

A lovely piece in the Observer on the Leitrimwall

The success of the Leitrimwall continues with Leitrim people buying ten bricks already this year. All bricks purchased this year will be on the wall  in the new year. Bricks were bought by people remembering family or friends  who had passed, or acknowledging and celebrating family and friends both at home and abroad. Some people just  wanted  to express their pride of the home place, their townland  or their home clubs..

People buying a brick in the wall are not only supporting Leitrim GAA but according to Siobhan Doyle, a cultural historian who works in the National Museum  the Leitrimwall is one of 100 objects which acts as a signpost to significant moments in GAA history.

Bricks can be bought as a gift or a Christmas present by contacting Brian Blake on 0872046177 or by calling in to the Leitrim GAA Centre of Excellence in Annaduff or by buying your brick on line at www.leitrimwall.com

 If you are in the USA,  log on to – www.irishap.org/leitrim-gaa

By buying the brick  via  this Irish American Partnership link you will be entitled to a tax deduction

 You too can be a part of the History of the GAA by buying a brick in the Leitrimwall