January 50 Mile Challenge – the third in the highly successful series

In a pioneering collaboration, the Leitrim Ladies Gaelic footballers have joined forces with Leitrim GAA in organising the next January 50 Mile Challenge, the third in the highly successful series.

The preparatory work has been underway for months, this time with the full involvement of the ladies organisation led by its Chairperson, Kathy Butler.   It is believed to be the first such collaboration between the two organisations in the country and the Leitrim ladies will share in the funds raised so as to enhance their teams’ activities.

The lime green beanie hat is illustrated by Kathy Butler with the Leitrim Tourism logo on one side and the Leitrim GAA crest on the other.  Last January the yellow beanie hat worn by participants was a familiar sight in the county enabling fellow participants to readily recognise each other.

All those who sign up as fundraisers will receive the new beanie hat in addition to a Leitrim GAA themed fundraising page.  As before Leitrim County Council are the major sponsors of the Challenge and are working closely with the organisers to highlight county Leitrim during the campaign as a great place to live in, work in, relocate to, invest in and of course to visit and enjoy.

Last January one of the most successful promotions of the 50 mile challenge was the short Ambassador videos by personalities including Charlie McGettigan and Carole Coleman set against the county’s beautiful outdoor scenes.  The 2022 collection of videos amassed almost 500,000 views.  For the forthcoming challenge there will be nine Challenge Ambassadors who have recorded videos made by Brian Duignan of Carrick-on-Shannon and with the financial support of Leitrim County Council.

An exciting new initiative this year is the inclusion of a large number of prominent Companies who are getting behind the event as they encourage health & wellbeing through corporate participation.  The participating companies come from all sectors and all corners of the county and surrounding areas.  If you own or work for a company and would like to be involved please email 50miles@leitrimgaa.ie

Leitrim County Council are running a Recruitment and Enterprise Expo in the Landmark Hotel on 27th January to align with the last week of the 50 Miles challenge.  A large number of high profile companies will be participating in this Expo.

Participation in the challenge is open to all community based organisations, government departments and local groups who are more than welcome to harness the uplifting energy that this event offers and to encourage members to get out and about for the month.  All participants are encouraged to share their activity on social media and in the very engaging Facebook group – regular exercise & social participation is vital for physical and mental health.

Globally the Leitrim diaspora will be out in force with us this January and we are delighted to announce a new group in London to compliment our existing group in New York.  The London group is headed up by ex Leitrim footballer David O’Connor who hails from Dromod.  Last year we had participation and donations from 65 countries and for January we welcome more groups and individual participants as the Leitrim brand spreads globally.

This event aims to give our beautiful county a national & global focus for the month of January as a wonderful place to explore, experience and enjoy as you live in, work in or relocate to.

The formal launch of the Leitrim January 50 Mile Challenge is set for the Lough Rynn Castle Hotel on the evening of Thursday, December 8.

Sign up for the hat will be available here on LeitrimGAA.ie from Thursday next & a new Facebook Group similar to last year will be announced.




Exactly 1 week to go, can’t wait !
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