Skills – Level 1 – Skill 8 – High Catch

High Catch :

The high catch is performed in the following sequence:

  • Eyes on ball,
  • Adjust feet to move into its flight path,
  • Then Jump off one leg and bend the opposite knee upwards to hip level for balance and protection
  • As the ball approaches reach to meet it with your hands cupped and fingers pointing upwards. Spread the thumbs at the back in W formation
  • Younger players may need to have more of a gap between each thumb.
  • Aim to catch the ball at the highest point of your jump.
  • Land on the same foot as you jumped off & continue in a forward motion
  • At the same time Secure the ball to your body

Common Faults:

(a) Bad timing
(b) Eyes not on ball.
(c) Not jumping high enough