Skills – Level 1 – 8 Core Skills – Breakdown

1 – Punt Kick:

  • Move forward holding the ball in both hands.
  • Release the ball in the hand on the same side as the foot been used to solo (right hand, right foot and left hand, left foot)
  • Opposite arm out from body for balance and to hold opposition off.
  • Drop the ball from hip height or below towards instep of the foot, keep eye on ball, start the kicking leg swing with knee bent.
  • Strike the ball through  the centre point with instep and toes down.
  • Foot connection with ball should be below the height of the knee (shin) on the supporting leg.
  • Follow through completely before lifting head for accuracy and distance.

Common Faults:
(a) Eyes  not  on  ball
(b) No  follow  through
(c) Lifting head to early – Do  not  lift  head  until  after  follow through
(d) toes pointed up
(e) Ball drop too high