First presented in 1966 the Fenagh Cup has since rested in Aughawillan for the winters of 1976, 1978, 1983, 1984, 1989, 1992, 1993,1994, 2014 and 2016. Aughawillan, then trading under the banner of Kiltyhugh won their first title in 1923. Mohill who previously won titles in 1890, 1914 and 1929 got to harbour the Fenagh Cup for the winters of 1971, 2006, 2015 and 2017. Where will it spend the winter of 2018? Throw in is at 3pm tomorrow in Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada. The Connacht Gold Senior Football Championship Final is preceded by the Smith Monumentals Intermediate Football Final between Annaduff and Fenagh St. Caillin’s at 1pm.

Fenagh Cup

The stage is set for our County Senior and Intermediate Finals on Sunday next in Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada. The Connacht Gold SFC Final brings together the two best championship teams of the past five seasons. Between them, Aughawillan (2014 and 2016) and Mohill (2015 and 2017) have shared the last four titles and Sunday’s battle will crown the better championship team in their best of five years mini-series. It should be some contest and one that is eagerly awaited!

The Smith Monumentals IFC decider brings together Annaduff and Fenagh St Caillin’s who have proved to be the best teams in this year’s competition. Annaduff, energised in 2018 following their relegation from senior ranks in 2017 will be determined for an immediate return to senior ranks and Fenagh St Caillin’s, who have had brilliant underage success over the most recent part of the last decade, will be hoping to continue their upward curve. It will be a fascinating duel.

Smith Monumentals IFC Final at Pairc Seán Mac Diarmada 1.00pm 

Annaduff v Fenagh St Caillin’s

Referee: Kevin Mallon (Bornacoola)

Connacht Gold SFC Final at Pairc Seán Mac Diarmada 3.00pm 

Aughawillan v Mohill

Referee: Patrick Guckian (Fenagh St Caillin’s)

Admission Charges

Adults €20

Students/OAP €15

Under 16 Free


CCC Liatroma has circulated the clubs with the schedule of games that will take place during the group stages of the upcoming club championships. This plan specifies the days of the weekend on which specific games will take place and should be helpful to all clubs and players in organising work etc around these championship weekends. Specific venues and times will be notified closer to the specific weekends in question.

CCC points out that there will be no adjusting of these days as outlined below. It should be noted that CCC  recently gave clubs two weeks to make requests around the scheduling of championship fixtures, and in putting this plan in place, requests received have been considered.

Week 1
Friday 27th July
Senior R1
Allen Gaels V Bornacoola
Saturday 28th July
Senior R1
Melvin Gaels V St.Marys
Aughnasheelin V Glencar-Manor
Aughawillan V Mohill
Ballinamore-SOH V Gortletteragh
Intermediate 1
Cloone V Drumkeerin
Aughavas V Leitrim Gaels
Carrigallen V Kiltubrid
Ballinaglera V Fenagh-St.Caillins
Sunday 29th July
Senior 1
Dromahair V Drumreilly
Intermediate R1
Ballinamore-SOH V Eslin
Mohill V Annaduff
Junior A R1
Glencar-Manor V Allen Gaels
Carrigallen V Glenfarne/Kilty
Annaduff V Mohill
St Marys V Kiltubrid
Gortletteragh V Drumkeerin
Week 2
Friday 3rd Aug
Intermediate R2
Leitrim Gaels V Ballinaglera
Saturday 4th Aug
Senior R2
St.Marys V Allen Gaels
Glencar-Manor V Melvin Gaels
Mohill V Dromahair
Drumreilly V Ballinamore-SOH
Gortletteragh V Aughawillan
Bornacoola V Aughnasheelin
Intermediate R2
Drumkeerin V Aughavas
Fenagh-St.Caillins V Cloone
Sunday 5th Aug
Intermediate R2
Eslin V Mohill
Kiltubrid V Ballinamore-SOH
Annaduff V Carrigallen
Junior B R1
Glencar-Manor V Dromahair
Leitrim Gaels V St Marys
Fenagh-St.Caillins V Aughawillan
Week 3
Friday 10th Aug
Senior R3
Drumreilly V Aughawillan
Saturday 11th Aug
Senior R3
St.Marys V Aughnasheelin
Ballinamore-SOH V Dromahair
Gortletteragh V Mohill
Bornacoola V Glencar-Manor
Intermediate R3
Drumkeerin V Leitrim Gaels
Fenagh-St.Caillins V Aughavas
Cloone V Ballinaglera
Eslin V Annaduff
Sunday 12th Aug
Senior R3
Allen Gaels V Melvin Gaels
Intermediate R3
Kiltubrid V Mohill
Ballinamore-SOH V Carrigallen
Junior A R2
Allen Gaels V Melvin Gaels
Mohill V St Marys
Kiltubrid V Annaduff
Drumkeerin V Carrigallen
Glenfarne/Kilty V Gortletteragh
Week 4
Saturday 18th Aug
Junior A R3
Drumkeerin V Glenfarne/Kilty
Melvin Gaels V Glencar-Manor
Carrigallen V Gortletteragh
Annaduff V St Marys
Kiltubrid V Mohill
Junior B R2
Dromahair V Bornacoola
St Marys V Ballinamore-SOH
Aughawillan V Ballinaglera
Week 5
Friday 24th Aug
Intermediate R4
Annaduff V Kiltubrid
Saturday 25th Aug
Senior R4
Glencar-Manor V St Marys
Melvin Gaels V Bornacoola
Dromahair V Gortletteragh
Aughnasheelin V Allen Gaels
Mohill V Drumreilly
Aughawillan V Ballinamore-SOH
Intermediate R4
Ballinaglera V Drumkeeran
Leitrim Gaels V Fenagh-St.Caillins
Sunday 26th Aug
Intermediate R4
Aughavas V Cloone
Mohill V Ballinamore-SOH
Carrigallen V Eslin
Junior B R3
Ballinaglera V Fenagh-St.Caillins
Ballinamore-SOH V Leitrim Gaels
Bornacoola V Glencar-Manor
Week 6
31st Aug/1st/2nd Sept
Junior A Quarter Finals
Week 7
Saturday 8th Sept
Senior R5
Drumreilly V Gortletteragh
Dromahair V Aughawillan
Ballinamore-SOH V Mohill
Melvin Gaels V Aughnasheelin
Allen Gaels V Glencar-  Manor
StMarys V Bornacoola
Sunday 9th Sept
Intermediate R5
Ballinamore-SOH V Annaduff
Fenagh-St.Caillins V Drumkeerin
Carrigallen V Mohill
Ballinaglera V Aughavas
Kiltubrid V Eslin
Cloone V Leitrim Gaels
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1 Annaduff Carrigallen Glencar/Manorhamilton
2 Mohill Glenfarne/Kiltyclogher Allen Gaels
3 St Mary’s-Kiltoghert Gortletteragh Melvin Gaels
4 Kiltubrid Drumkeerin
Fixtures Group 1 Fixtures Group 2 Fixtures Group 3
Round 1 Round 1 Round 1
Annaduff v Mohill Carrigallen v Glenfarne/Kiltyclogher Glencar/Manorhamilton v Allen Gaels
St Mary’s-Kiltoghert v Kiltubrid Gortletteragh v Drumkeerin
Round 2 Round 2 Round 2
Kiltubrid v Annaduff Drumkeerin v Carrigallen Allen Gaels v Melvin Gaels
Mohill v St Mary’s-Kiltoghert Glenfarne/Kiltyclogher v Gortletteragh
Round 3 Round 3 Round 3
Annaduff v St Mary’s-Kiltoghert Carrigallen v Gortletteragh Melvin Gaels v Glencar/Manorhamilton
Kiltubrid v Mohill Drumkeerin v Glenfarne/Kiltyclogher
  Group 1 Group 2
1 Carrigallen Ballinaglera
2 Kiltubrid Fenagh-St Caillin’s
3 Ballinamore-Sean O Heslin’s Cloone
4 Eslin Drumkeerin
5 Mohill Aughavas
6 Annaduff Leitrim Gaels
Fixtures Group 1 Fixtures Group 2
Round 1 Round 1
Carrigallen v Kiltubrid Ballinaglera v Fenagh-St Caillin’s
Ballinamore-Sean O Heslin’s v Eslin Cloone v Drumkeerin
Mohill v Annaduff Aughavas v Leitrim Gaels
Round 2 Round 2
Eslin v Mohill Drumkeerin v Aughavas
Kiltubrid v Ballinamore-Sean O Heslin’s Fenagh-St Caillin’s v Cloone
Annaduff v Carrigallen Leitrim Gaels v Ballinaglera
Round 3 Round 3
Eslin v Annaduff Drumkeerin v Leitrim Gaels
Kiltubrid v Mohill Fenagh-St Caillin’s v Aughavas
Ballinamore-Sean O Heslin’s v Carrigallen Cloone v Ballinaglera
Round 4 Round 4
Carrigallen v Eslin Ballinaglera v Drumkeerin
Mohill v Ballinamore-Sean O Heslin’s Aughavas v Cloone
Annaduff v Kiltubrid Leitrim Gaels v Fenagh-St Caillin’s
Round 5 Round 5
Carrigallen v Mohill Ballinaglera v Aughavas
Ballinamore-Sean O Heslin’s v Annaduff Cloone v Leitrim Gaels
Kiltubrid v Eslin Fenagh-St Caillin’s v Drumkeerin
Group 1 Group 2
A Dromahair Melvin Gaels
B Drumreilly St Mary’s-Kiltoghert
C Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s Allen Gaels
D Gortletteragh Bornacoola
E Aughawillan Aughnasheelin
F Mohill Glencar/Manorhamilton
Fixtures Group 1 Fixtures Group 2
Round 1 Round 1
Dromahair v Drumreilly Melvin Gaels v St Mary’s-Kiltoghert
Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s v Gortletteragh Allen Gaels v Bornacoola
Aughawillan v Mohill Aughnasheelin v Glencar/Manorhamilton
Round 2 Round 2
Gortletteragh v Aughawillan Bornacoola v Aughnasheelin
Drumreilly v Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s St Mary’s-Kiltoghert v Allen Gaels
Mohill v Dromahair Glencar/Manorhamilton v Melvin Gaels
Round 3 Round 3
Gortletteragh v Mohill Bornacoola v Glencar/Manorhamilton
Drumreilly v Aughawillan St Mary’s-Kiltoghert v Aughnasheelin
Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s v Dromahair Allen Gaels v Melvin Gaels
Round 4 Round 4
Dromahair v Gortletteragh Melvin Gaels v Bornacoola
Aughawillan v Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s Aughnasheelin v Allen Gaels
Mohill v Drumreilly Glencar/Manorhamilton v St Mary’s-Kiltoghert
Round 5 Round 5
Dromahair v Aughawillan Melvin Gaels v Aughnasheelin
Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s v Mohill Allen Gaels v Glencar/Manorhamilton
Drumreilly v Gortletteragh St Mary’s-Kiltoghert v Bornacoola
Coiste Chontae Liatroma CLG
Fixtures 31st Marta -1st Aibrean 2018
Venue Grade Rd  Fixture Time
      Satharn 31st Marta 2018  
Aughawillan ACLD1 2 Aughawillan v Ballinaglera 6 30
Pairc Naomh Mhuire ACLD1 2 St.Marys v Mohill 6 30
Ballinamore ACLD1 2 Ballinamore-SOH v Leitrim Gaels 6 30
Boggaun ACLD1 2 GlencarManorhamilton v Melvin Gaels 6 30
Aughnasheelin ACLD1 2 Aughnasheelin v Drumkeerin 6 30
Gortletteragh ACLD1 2 Gortletteragh v Fenagh-St.Caillins 6 30
Dromod ACLD2 2 Bornacoola v Dromahair 6 30
Drumreilly ACLD2 2 Drumreilly v Kiltubrid 6 30
Domhnach 1st Aibrean 2018
Boggaun ACLD2 2 GlencarManorhamilton v Annaduff 12 00
Ballinamore ACLD2 2 Ballinamore-SOH v Cloone 12 00
Kinlough ACLD2 2 Melvin Gaels v Carrigallen 12 00
Drumshanbo ACLD2 2 Allen Gaels v Mohill 12 00
Drumkeerin ACLD3 1 Drumkeerin v St.Marys 12 00
Eslin ACLD3 1 Eslin v Gortletteragh 12 00
Boggaun ACLD3 2 GlencarManorhamilton v Annaduff 1 45
Kiltubrid ACLD4 1 Kiltubrid v Ballinaglera 12 00
Luan 2nd Aibrean 2018
Ballinamore ACLD4 1 Ballinamore-SOH v Aughavas 2 00

CCC Liatroma has advised this evening that all club adult and underage games, scheduled for this weekend, have been postponed. Be safe everyone.

CCC Liatroma has publicised the draws for the Dunnes Bar ACL Div 1 and Div 2 and Swan Bar Div 3 and they are available here on this site. John McCartin Newtowngore Engineering Under 17 Leagues and Barna Recycling Under 13 Leagues are also live.

Starting dates for Leagues are:

Swan Bar ACL Divisions 3 & 4  on weekend March 3rd/4th.

Dunnes Bar ACL Divisions 1 & 2 on weekend March 31st/April 1st

A draw will take place at next Monday night’s County Committee meeting to decide which two rounds of the Leagues will be played without County Players.

2018CLG Coiste Chontae Liatroma League Competitions Control Regulations

The 2017 LH Heating Under 21 (13 a side) Final will now take place tomorrow Saturday at 2.30pm in Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada.

Saturday 18 November

LH Heating Under 21 (13 a side) Final Glencar/Manorhamilton v St Francis’

Time 2.30pm

Venue Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada

Leitrim GAA recently conducted an Adult Playing Structures Review which included a Club Forum on October 23rd. The forum was very well attended by club officials and a number of current players. The review committee also organised a survey of adult club players which was circulated through the club secretaries, social media and this website. A total of 156 players responded to the survey, representative of all grades playing adult football in Leitrim. The players also were invited to submit their views at the end of the survey. Leitrim GAA would like to acknowledge the time taken by the players to complete the survey and also the painstaking manner in which many chose to make submissions which are most thought-provoking. The submissions of players as regards playing structures have been circulated to all club secretaries earlier this week for clubs’ consideration.

Taking into consideration the feedback from the forum and players’ survey/submissions the review committee has formulated a number of motions which will be published here once convention motion submission deadline has passed. The deadline for submission of motions by clubs is Monday next, November 13th.

You may view the Players Survey Results below.

2017 Players Survey

CCC Liatroma has circulated the following amended format for the 2017 Leitrim Under 21 Football Championship
13 a side
Group 1
(A) GlencarManorhamilton     (B) Dromahair      (C) St. Joseph’s
Group 2
(A) Kiltubrid     (B ) St.Francis’      (C)  Bornacoola/St.Mary’s
Round 1 A v B     C Bye
Round 2 B v C    A Bye
Round 3 C v A    B Bye
Final    Top team in each group contest the Final
15 a side
Ballinamore Sean O Heslin’s
Melvin Gaels
Draw to be made later.
Each team to play each other once.
Final    Top Two Teams to contest the Final
13 a side starting Sunday, Oct. 29th
15 a side starting Sunday, Nov. 5th
All other Regulations are as per previous post.