Half Million Mark

Leitrim GAA are pleased to announce that the Get On the Team fund raising initiative has reached the half million euro mark over the weekend. There has been a considerable number of individuals sending in their donations in recent days at a time when funding is most needed. We are now one third of the way towards our target of €1.5 million.

This projects aim is to replace the old dressing rooms and media area with a fantastic new structure that not only replaces the old but gives us an extra 3,000 seats for spectators.

The new stand is progressing well as we get closer to its completion date in 5 weeks time. The ground floor which includes 4 large dressing rooms are at an advanced stage (painting and tiling) and the middle suite of offices are well progressed. A lot of work is currently happening at the Media area as there is a body of work involved in enclosing this area. The spectator area is now ready for seating and the task of installing the 3,000 seats will begin this week.

This stand will have state of the art facilities for players, spectators and the Media. It will have the most modern communication facilities of any GAA stadium in Ireland.

If you are not on the Team Fundraiser and wish to do so then please contact an officer of the County Board as soon as possible as every euro invested at this stage will reduce the cost of any borrowings that Leitrim GAA may have to endure. Click on the Developments Link on the left hand side to obtain more specific info. and instructions. Donations that are not Tax Relief compatible are also most welcome.

This is a project where everyone wins – please support it.



30-Apr-07 by Brendan Doyle – PRO