Master Fixture Plan – released to clubs

[b]Important Notice from CCC regarding Master Fixture Plan[/b]

A Master Fixture Plan for the remainder of the 2007 was sent to Club secretaries this morning. Note that [b]it is only a guide[/b] as to where fixtures may be placed, depending on circumstances, the principal being the progress of the Leitrim Senior Football team in the Championship, and as such may require future adjustment. You should also note that Rounds of League/Championship have been slotted into various weekends, as appropriate.

Future meetings of CCC Liatroma will decide the more specific aspects of various rounds/fixtures. As such, the plan is just a guide as to the weekend on which the games may be played, but the specific Saturday/Sunday breakdown of games has yet to be decided.

May Fixtures
The remaining fixtures for May will be uploaded in the next 24 hours.



02-May-07 by Brendan Doyle – PRO