Recent Enquiries

In recent days we have had requests to our Guestbook regarding League football and the promotion/ relegation from specific Championships.  In each case the CCC have issed a reponse and the following are their responses:

League commencement:
"Clubs may expect league games to resume asap early in September. League games will resume when more teams are eliminated from Championships. As of yet with 5 championships on the go there are still 45/56 championship teams involved in competition over all grades."

Championships –  Relegation & Promotion:
"In response to the query the answer is that in the event of St. Mary’s winning the IFC then there will be no promotion/relegation from SFC to IFC at the conclusion of the 2007 championships. At the conclusion of the JFCB and JFCC round robin stage the team in first place inÓgroup 1 will play the second placed team inÓgroup 2 in SF1 and the team in first place inÓgroup 2 will play the team in second place inÓgroup 1 in SF2. There will be no Quarter Finals. The teams that finish in fifth place inÓgroups 1 and 2 will play off to decide relegation fro JFCB to JFCC 2008."



23-Aug-07 by Brendan Doyle – PRO