Player Injury Scheme – Update

The Player Injury Scheme has had many issues over the years particularly in relation to been in a position of settling claims within a reasonable period of time, however in general this has been cause by the claims form not been completed correctly or the absence of the back up information. What hasnt helped is the late notification of claims. Late reporting of claims can give rise to many more questions which further delays any settlement.

In this regard I set out hereunder a report requested from Coyle Hamilton Willis regarding the reporting of claims over the 2005- 2007 period:

Approximately 31% – 35% of claims are submitted within 60 days of incident date

Approximately 20% – 24% of claims are submitted within 60-90 days of incident date

Approximately 24% – 27% of claims are submitted within 90 – 180 days of incident date

Approximately 18% – 21 % of claims are submitted in excess of 180 days

If we are to continue to operate a scheme successfully we all have to be more efficient in reporting and submitting claims and in this regard we propose applying the 60 day reporting condition which is and has been on the brochure for many years.

It is our intention to apply this condition with effect from 1st July 2008 and clubs need to be advised to submit any old claims immediately. We do accept that over time there will be the odd exception which will be dealt with on an individual basis but in general there should not be any excuse for late notification.


Is mise,

Ruairí Mac Lannchaidh
Riosca agus Árachais
Cumann Lúthchleas Gael



20-May-08 by PJ Meehan