Leitrim turned over by Non Ards

Non Ards 3-16

Leitrim 2-16

A spirited second-half comeback saw Non Ards overturn Leitrims seven-point half-time lead in this Nicky Rackard first-round tie on Saturday.

Non Ards took complete control of the proceedings in the first 20 minutes of the second half when they wiped out a Leitrim lead of six points and then went two points ahead.

In this spell, John OKane put over three Non Ards frees while Daniel Morgan and Liam Morgan shot two points apiece from play with Martin Duggan also whipping over a point.

Afterwards, an Eoin McGuinness goal in the 61st minute made victory secure for the Mourne men.

Meanwhile, Leitrims top scorer, Clement Cunniffe hit a spectacular first-half goal from a 120-yard free, which dipped under the Non Ards crossbar at the last second.

scorers — Non Ards: L Morgan 1-5; E McGuinness 2-0; J OKane 0-5 (3f); D Morgan 0- 3; K Maxwell, A McGuinness, M Duggan 0-1 each. Leitrim: C Cunniffe 1-10 (9f); L Burns 1-4; V McDermott 0-1(f); M Poniard 0-1each.

Non Ards — G McMullan; L Deegan, B McAleenan, P McCusker; D McGovern, D McCusker, A Higgins; K Maxwell, R Mathews; A McGuinness, D Morgan, M Duggan; J OKane, E McGuinness, L Morgan. Subs: T Jennings for Duggan (47), M McCartan for Mathews (inj 59).

Leitrim — F McKiernan; K McGrath, M Poniard, nÓglancy; V McDermott, S Feeney, D Tiernan; J Glancy, C Cunniffe; B Carroll, L Burns, D Poniard; K OConnor, C Hayes, M Burns. Subs: P McWeeney for Hayes (57).

Ref–T McIntyre (Antrim).



30-Jun-08 by Irish Independant.ie