A fantastic night

Some things just get the pulse racing and last nights speeches at the Dublin launch of the Leitrim Supporters Club 2009 certainly did that. Five speakers in total gave excellent presentations and the 80 minutes flew as speech after speech hammered home the basic 2 key points- Money and Belief. Both of these are points that can be addressed by all Leitrim Supporters worldwide and it is only with this support that we will move forward.

Michael Feeney acting as MC opened the proceedings and invited Eamonn Duignan to the stand to present the financial facts of Leitrim GAA. A very important message was delivered that Leitrim GAA relies heavily on our supporters club fund raising efforts to finance the day to day costs. An achievable target of €150,000 is required to balance the books for 2009, the plan is simple, supporters are asked to not only buy a ticket but to also sell one ticket and thus we will achieve our target. This is not a large task to ask of anyone but with a collective effort targets will be achieved.

Gerry McGovern, Chairman Leitrim GAA, gave a very rousing speech emphasising Eamonns message and also introduced the second key point of the night. Believe and we will do it. The message was clear – dont expect second best on or off the field, believe in our teams and we will deliver.

John Morrison spoke at length about the team setup, experiences to date and plans for the future. His words were simple and very well delivered as the captivated audience received the positive message of belief in ourselves and our teams.

With John leaving everyones pulse racing Mickey Moran had a very hard act to follow but he stood his corner and gave his perspective on the year ahead and plans for further down the line. He talked about his aspirations and inspirations and he too maintained the believe theme.

The honorary guest speaker of the night was Dermot Gallagher and he presented a message of inspiration for Leitrim teams and supporters. Dermot also delivered a delightful Leitrimised tailored dialogue between two travellers which was very well received. Dermot was presented with a large framed picture of 2 projects in which he was instrumental in delivering to Leitrim in his time in the civil service, the rejuvenation of the Shannon/Erne waterway and the New Stand in Páirc Seán.

Eamonn Duignan was also presented with an engraved crystal bowl to mark his tireless efforts in running the Supporters club in Dublin and for his time in monitoring the paperwork for the Get on the team fundraising campaign.



1. Our financial situation must be carefully monitored and we need to raise €150,000 by means of the our supporters club. This CAN be achieved and with each Leitrim supporter performing the small task of buy 1 and sell 1 ticket then targets will be reached

2. Believe – in ourselves and our teams on the field and off of it. negative thoughts, words and actions will not deliver silverware. Belief – is the only way forward.


Please do your bit for Leitrim and try and deliver on the 2 key points !



23-Jan-09 by Brendan Doyle – PRO